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Oak Ridge Teacher Publishes New Book

Belly Book Cover

Susan Lupone Stonis, long-time teacher at Oak Ridge School, has published a new book that was born of her passionate belief about the importance of early literacy.  Can’t Wait to Show You is the first in a planned series of Belly Books, specifically designed to fit over an expectant mother’s belly and be read to the about-to-be-born baby. The text is a sing-song celebration of the mom’s excitement for what she will do with her new baby.  Once the baby is born, according to Ms. Lupone-Stonis, continued reading of the Belly Book will provide familiar and soothing interaction between mom and baby.

This video features Mrs. Kara Black, Ms. Lupone Stonis’s colleague, reading to her son Robby both before and after his birth.

Congratulations to Susan Lupone-Stonis, a graduate of the Sandwich Public Schools, the mother of three Sandwich Public Schools graduates and a beloved teacher of many years. Her co-author, Jacqueline Boyle, was Ms. Lupone Stonis’s classmate back in 4th grade at the HT Wing School.  Can’t Wait to Show You is available locally at Titcomb’s Bookshop, Rt 6A, East Sandwich.

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