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Forestdale Educator of the Year: Amy Abbott

By Marc J. Smith, Principal, Forestdale School

As a new principal at the Forestdale School, I found myself in the familiar position of presenting this award to a person that I barely knew and to trying and encapsulate the qualities that make this educator so special.  Based upon the success I had with the process I used last year, I decided to ask around a bit in order to get a sense of who Forestdale’s Educator of the Year is.  So while these words are not my own, I feel they do an excellent job of defining this year’s Forestdale School Teach of the Year.  I found that the comments not only defined this individual as an educator but also as a person as well.

As an educator – “Her room is a happy place at Forestdale.  When entering you are greeted by high fives, fist bumps and hugs.”  “Never stops being a teacher; she is always looking for opportunities and object to facilitate her students’ progress towards active learning and ultimately towards maximizing their independence.”  “She works tirelessly to ensure her students’ success in all inclusive settings, often meeting with her colleagues to make necessary modifications and accommodations to the curriculum.” “She is a dedicated employee who practices empathy and compassion with her students throughout the day.”  My favorite quote, after describing all the needs of the students and the way the teacher differentiates to meet those needs, “So basically, she is a magician.”

As a person – “A product of the Sandwich Public Schools”  “An active outdoors person, a water baby who loves sailing in her catboat with her husband.”  “I am proud to be able to call her a friend.”  “she has become a great friend and colleague to many.” I found this next one pretty cool,  “Lives in a Captain’s home on 6A with her husband who is a Tugboat Captain.” Lastly a colleague simply stated,  “This is one of the finest people around.”

It is with great pleasure that I announce that the Forestdale teacher of the Year is Amy Abbott.