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Teacher of the Year @ SHS: Martha Martin

by Dr. Ellin Booras, Principal of Sandwich High School

Martha Martin is the SHS 2013-2014 Teacher of the Year. Among a very dedicated and talented faculty, her star shines bright in an impressive constellation.

Martha cares passionately about the quality of teaching and learning at Sandwich High School. Her support for new teachers extends beyond the English department to the entire school. Her gentle manner is accompanied by her highly regarded wisdom matched by her zealous advocacy.  Her gracious style beguiles her tenacious loyalty to and defense of what is best for the students at Sandwich High School.

Martha has emerged as the informal leader of leaders as other department chairs see her as the source of valued guidance and important advice. She provides feedback to each of them in ways which guide their work and build consistency.

Colleagues describe her as positive, professional, and collaborative, Martha is all that and more. One member of her department  stated, “Martha has created a collegial atmosphere giving every teacher a voice and placing value on everyone’s opinions and thoughts. All her decisions are thoroughly explained, her work is exemplary and her dedication to Sandwich High School shines through in her daily actions.”

Another colleague praises the rapport she develops with her students year after year. Students love her class and greatly admire her professionalism and accessibility.  She extends herself to each and every student communicating an unwavering belief in each student’s potential while expecting and supporting meaningful work.

Martha did an incredible job as co-chair for our recent and stunningly successful NEASC visit. Her attention to detail over the several years of the self study, her dedication to the Collaborative Design team, and her genuine loyalty and commitment to enhancing SHS made her the ideal co-chair. She is so sincere about wanting to make SHS a great place for teachers and students to learn and to grow. Thank you so much Martha for all you do and the lovely person you are!