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Teacher of the Year @ Wing: Paula Chambers

by Deb Landry, Principal and Chris Dintino, Assistant Principal  – Wing School & Marc J. Smith

When we think of Paula Chambers the first thought that comes to mind is a consummate professional.  If you were to look up the definition of what it means to be a professional educator, there should be a picture of Paula there.  She is supportive of her colleagues, thoughtful in her questioning, dedicated to improvement and a model of active listening  Even at times when we found ourselves on opposite sides of an issue, she always demonstrated a remarkable ability to listen to the other perspective, consider it for its merits and respond in a professional manner.

In the classroom, Paula’s enthusiasm for her subject matter pours out toward her students.  Paula’s “real world” experience in the field of science allows her to make connections for the students between what they are learning about in the classroom and what is being done in the scientific field by working scientists.  She pushed herself professionally this past year to expand the inquiry-based approach used in her classroom, which not only allowed the students to deepen their understanding of scientific concepts, but also resulted in high levels of student engagement.  The students’ engagement and excitement for science shined through during the grade 7 Science Fair this year.  The deep of thought, hard work and excitement on display that day was a direct result of the work Paula had done all year to bring Science to life for her students.

The Wing School is very proud of Paula as an educator, and as a person. She will be a huge part of the success of the STEM Academy; we wish her well at SHS and at the STEM Academy.