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Making Adjustments to Bus Routes as School Opens

by Marc J. Smith, Principal – Forestdale
With the Phase 1 reconfiguration of our district, we have moved from a three-tiered system of busing to a two-tiered system of busing.  As a result, our student population is divided into two groups for transportation rather than three (K-6 and 7-12).
The two tiered system means that more students need to be transported at one time.  We are aware that some of our buses are experiencing high ridership.  Please know that we are working with First Student to collect accurate ridership information on each bus over the next two weeks.
We will be using this information to work with First Student to make any necessary adjustments to the routes to ensure all students are brought safely to and from school on time.
Additionally, we are aware that our K-6 buses have been running behind schedule in both the morning and afternoon.  This is a normal delay as our kindergarten students become accustomed to the loading and unloading process.  We anticipate the routes will speed up as the week progresses.