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Getting to Know: Diane Harold – Forestdale School

Mrs. Harold and her family.

Diane Harold is joining the Forestdale School as full-time Librarian, after working as a permanent substitute teacher in that position last year. Mrs. Harold has worked as a substitute teacher for the past six years, spanning all grades K-8. She has a BS in Business with an Information Systems minor.

Mrs. Harold answered a few questions so the entire SPS Community could get to know her.

What excites you about teaching in Sandwich?

 I have been a resident of Sandwich for the past 23 years.  My three children have all been educated in the Sandwich schools.  I am excited about the positive changes our schools are making, especially the new STEM Academy.

What is your favorite teaching memory from the past few years?

I had a student who was anxious about school.  I was able to form a special bond with her and positively impact her school year.  The next year she chose me for a school assignment; she interviewed and wrote a biography about me.

What is your favorite memory as a student?

My favorite memory as a student was being challenged academically.

What might we be surprised to know about you?

I have three teenage boys.