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Getting to Know: Tim Murphy – Oak Ridge School

Mr. Murphy and his family.

Tim Murphy is beginning his first full year as a Physical Education Teacher at Oak Ridge; last year he worked as a Permanent Sub for much of the year.  For eight years, he was the PE teacher at Nauset Middle School.  Mr. Murphy graduated from Ohio State University with a degree in Sport and Leisure Studies.

Many families in Sandwich know Mr. Murphy as the proud dad of Caroline Murphy, SHS Senior and Class President and Patrick, an 8th grader at the STEM Academy. His wife Gina has been a volunteer in our schools and is the VP of Sales for Beauty Counter.

Mr. Murphy answered some questions to help everyone in the SPS Community get to know him.

What excites you about teaching in Sandwich?

As a resident of ten years, I am excited to be involved in the education of not only my own kids, but the kids of Sandwich as a whole.

What is your favorite teaching memory from the past few years?

My favorite teaching moment of any year is introducing something new to a student and seeing them master the activity after putting days and days of effort into it. It is pure joy

What is your favorite memory as a student?

My favorite memory as a student is being elected Student Council president and having the benefit of meeting and having lunch with Michael Jordan!

What might we be surprised to know about you?

I am a huge Pearl Jam fan. I have seen them perform live 18 times, with numbers 19 & 20 in the near future.