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More Bus News! Wing Routes will be posted at 10am Thursday

by Dr. Richard Canfield

We are pleased to report buses have been added to the routes for both SHS/STEM and  Forestdale, effective today.   Early feedback has been positive and we encourage families to be in touch with their school’s Assistant Principal with information that could help make and maintain improvements.

Today, Wing families are being contacted via Alert Now with information about new routes that will start on Friday.  A Wing bus letter from Principal Deb Landry explains the changes and lets families know what to expect.  Update at 6:30pm – the Wing Routes will be posted on the SPS website   on Thursday morning (9/11/14) at 10am. Sorry for the delay. 

As previously reported, Oak Ridge bus routes are also being redrawn. It is expected that the new routes will be tested and ready to go by early next week. Families will be notified before the new routes take effect via Alert Now.  We have made the decision to take additional time to be certain that the new routes will work successfully rather than rushing the process and having to make additional changes.

We are very appreciative of the patience and understanding of families as we work through these systems changes and upgrades. We know that families join us in support of the bus drivers and staff members at each school who have been so flexible in supporting and implementing changes that focus on our primary concern – the safety of our students.