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Goodbye, with Love, to Patrice Hurley

Deb Landry and Patrice Hurley

Deb Landry and Patrice Hurley worked as an Administrative Team for two years from 2012-2014. Ms. Landry is now serving as principal of the HT Wing School in its final year.

by Deb Landry

Patrice Hurley is a dedicated professional whose talent, determination, compassion and understanding make her the success that she is as a leader. We at the Oak Ridge School have been so fortunate to have her lead us as Principal.  She has a genuine sense of purpose and the integrity that guides her heart when making decisions that impact the lives of our children, families, faculty, and staff.  We will always be grateful to Ms. Hurley for helping us to see the possibilities for our children’s academic and social-emotional learning, as well as the staff’s professional growth.  She always has a clear vision for what needs to be accomplished. She takes the time to find out where we are, points out a way, and guides us to believe in our dreams and to achieve our goals. She willingly imparts her wisdom, comfort and care with a warm heart.

I am so fortunate to have worked beside her as the Assistant Principal at Oak Ridge for two years and as a fellow Principal these last few months.  She is the consummate colleague who always values my input and treats me as an equal. She is an outstanding mentor, one who is always encouraging me to reach beyond the stars. Most importantly Patrice Hurley is someone I will always consider and cherish as a friend.

We thank Ms. Patrice Hurley for her service to the public education of students throughout the Commonwealth during her teaching and administrative career.  We are forever grateful that she chose Sandwich as the last stop on her educational journey.  We’d like to think that she saved the best for last!  We wish her all the best as she embarks on a new venture.