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News from SHS … As a New School Year Begins.

Katherine Dunham, SHS class of 2015, is the student representative to the school committee. At each meeting, she gives a report. This is her report from the September 17, 2014 meeting. 

The past two weeks have been incredibly exciting. Busy, definitely, but incredibly exciting.

The high school is buzzing. With full classrooms and full hallways, there is a new atmosphere in the building, an atmosphere that is overwhelmingly positive. The high school, as well as the STEM Academy, definitely feel a sense of unity. This unity has always been present at SHS but has only grown.

Those newest to the high school are certainly excited about their new freedom, taking advantage of new opportunities by auditioning for KTC’s fall play “The Runaways,” playing after school sports, or joining clubs like International Studies.

Upperclassman are excited about being upperclassman. Unique to this school year was the excitement we felt over seeing
former teachers in the high school. The comfort we all feel seeing our teachers in the hallways or being in their class again
is a tribute to them.

The reorganization of the parking lot is also a simple highlight of the school year! Everyone has been so open to change and, as
we’ve all fallen into a new routine, it has become much more efficient and safe for students drivers, parents, and buses.
The parking lot is an excellent example of improvements that have already been made this year. It was going to be a year of
change so everyone made the conscious decision to make only positive changes. Any bumps that have come up along the way,
have quickly been smoothed out, always through a team effort.

Thank you to all the student leaders who have been involved with making transitions to both the STEM Academy and the high school as smooth as possible.

One of the coolest aspects of this year is that it’s an opportunity to continue old traditions but also create new ones. Student
Council put on the Welcome Back Dance last Saturday, a high school tradition. Almost 100% of the freshman class was in

On Friday, September 19th, Student Council will begin a new tradition by holding a club fair during the last block of the day. All freshman as well as all students grades 9-12 new to the school are invited to attend. With the club fair, students will be able to learn about all the extracurriculars offered to them so that they can explore all their interests over the next four years. Thank you to Mrs. Kelly, the student council advisor, and all the officers for putting on such successful events.

All the high school sports teams are off to a great start. Both varsity football and volleyball remain undefeated. This week also marked the beginning of STEM athletics’ inaugural season. Special thanks to the high school and STEM teachers who have
volunteered to coach. And good luck to the high school field hockey team who is playing on Nantucket tonight!

Many Sandwich students participated in the 375 parade this Saturday. Both Forestdale and Wing had a float in the parade. The high
school was represented by the football and cross country teams who walked in the parade and the National Honor Society and Key Club volunteers who helped set up. It really was a perfect day and a great end to the 375 festivities that countless students have
participated in over the past year.

For all that’s happened in the past two weeks, there is even more to look forward to. Next month, the week of the 14th, will be the
high school’s homecoming week. It is a week of school spirit culminating in the homecoming dance on October 18th. More
information on athletic events and the pep rally is to come.

The PSATs will be administered that week on October 15th during one of the high school’s Wednesday late starts. All sophomores are registered free of charge. Juniors that would like to take the test will have to register themselves. Buses will be running that morning and the test will be over by eight.
Tomorrow is both the high school and the STEM Academy’s open house. The first class will begin at 6:15 but it’s recommended that parents arrive at 6 to go to their child’s advisory. Paper schedules will be given out in advisory to STEM parents. High school parents should ask their students for their schedule and bring them on an electronic device. The classes will follow block scheduling during an A Week.

Overall, we are off to a great start. Everyone is excited to be back and we have an amazing year ahead of us.

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