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September News from Forestdale School

by Marc J. Smith, Principal – Forestdale School

We have had an excellent start to the school year.  Students have settled in nicely to the routines around entering and exiting the building.  Classrooms are well on their way to establishing a sense of community as students and teachers build relationships that will foster growth throughout the entire year.  There is a fantastic energy in the building and I am so glad to be a part of it.

Mrs. Clifford and I had an opportunity to meet with all the students on Tuesday this week in grade-level assemblies.  During the assemblies we discussed the character traits for September and October.  September’s character trait is cooperation, which we define as working together with others to achieve a common goal.  In the assembly we challenged the students to think of ways that they could help out at home and in the classroom in a way to support the goals of their classroom community and their family.

October’s character trait is self-control, which we define as a person’s ability to monitor his/her emotions, actions and behaviors; simply put, to think before one acts.  Mrs. Clifford used the analogy of a balloon to explain the difference between acting with self-control and without.  A balloon without the knot tied at the end is unpredictable and may seem like fun initially, but quickly becomes a toy that is not a lot of fun to play with.  However, a balloon with the knot tied at the end is one that is predictable and one that can be fun to play with for a long period of time.  This balloon has self-control.  We asked the students to think about what type of balloon they want to be.

Lastly, we talked about the relationship between effort and success.  We shared with students our belief that we all have the ability to become better at anything that we are willing to put the time, energy and effort into accomplishing.

On Wednesday, Mrs. Freeman shared with me that one of her students had gone home and written the following based upon the meeting we had. It was so great, that I just had to share!

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