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Getting to Know: Steve Watson – SHS Science Teacher and Department Chair

by Dr. Ellin Booras, Principal – Sandwich High School

Steve Watson is a great new addition to our team of department chairs.  Mr. Watson holds degrees from Westfield State, earning his Bachelors in Biology and Fitchburg College, where he completed his MA in Education. Mr. Watson has taught 7th grade science at the Hull Middle School since 2005. He will be teaching Biology at Sandwich High School and grade 7 Health in the STEM Academy. Mr. Watson brings with him valued experience from teaching at a school known for its innovative practices and interdisciplinary commitment to project based learning.

Mr. Watson answered some questions to help us all get to know him.

What excites you about teaching in Sandwich?

I came to Sandwich because of the district making bold moves in education. I was very excited to be part of a flagship STEM/High School building.  Coming in on the first year of the new school makes me feel like I’m part of the future of education.  I also grew up on Cape Cod and look forward to move back home to family and friends.

What are some favorite teaching memories?

I was a teacher in Hull, MA for 9 years and one of my fondest memories of being and educator is the time when we were out on the bay side of Hull doing a local crab population study with my students. A league of retiree morning exercise walkers were out for their daily stroll along the bay.  Intrigued by the 60 students crawling over the rock and filling out data tables on clipboards, they called a few kids over to find out what we were doing to their beloved shoreline.  A young lady – who was known to be on the quieter side – was so caught up in the experience of being outside during school that she couldn’t answer their questions fast enough.  Her answers where informative and she was using many of the information we had discussed in class to help “the league” to understand that the students had discovered an invasive species on their coastline.  It was one of those moments in a teachers life that you say “ya, this is why I became a teacher”.

How about some favorite memories of a student?

A touching student memory: was a few years ago in Hull, MA. My principal at the time released the information that he was leaving the school to except another position in another district.  Later that day he popped into my classroom on a walk through.  I congratulated him in front of the class saying that he would be missed.  He jokingly replied that I wouldn’t miss him because he was taking me with him to teach in his new school.  A student immediately started crying and said “you can’t take Mr. Watson he is my favorite teacher”.  A teacher rarely knows how much of an impact they have on their students.

What is something that we might be surprised to know about you?

You might NOT be so surprised on how tall I am 6’9”. It’s always been a funny attribute –  people have crossed the street to stop me and ask how tall I was. I would respond with; ” how tall do you think I am?”  I could see the math hamsters doing a quick calculation in their head then usually guess a number that was completely wrong.  “6’3”!  or 7’2”!…..  I’m here in Sandwich to help the children learn how to properly estimate height with the use of similarities.

Mr. Watson with some of the other SHS department heads. (for scale.)

Mr. Watson with some of the other                                                    SHS department heads. (for scale.)