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Reflecting on September at Oak Ridge …


It’s the little things…

by Trish Hill, Principal – Oak Ridge School

As I think back on this first month of school, I think of all of the little things… the small moments that have made the opening to school so special.  Watching morning meeting, having Abby stop me in the hall just to say hi, talking to a dad worried about his boy, listening to powerful conversations about teaching and learning during our Faculty Meeting…even getting the buses loaded and rolling in just four minutes….like I said, it’s the little things.  The funny thing about the little things, when you put them all together you get something really big.  You get kids and teachers creating community in their classrooms.  You get students that feel safe and valued.  You get a school that supports parents and families.  You get teachers continuing to grow as professionals, and you get people who work together to solve problems.  There are dozens of little things that happen everyday that add up to this special place and this special community.  I’m sure many of you noticed some of these kinds of things during Open House.

Please talk to your child about the little things that make their day special.  Ask who they sat with at lunch, what they played at recess, what they wonder about, what their goals are for the year ahead.  It’s not always easy to find out by going with the traditional, “So how was school today?”, but if you ask about the little things, you’ll start to see the magic.