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Technology at SHS

by Karen McGrath, Technology Department Head – SHS
Here at Sandwich High School, we have spent the last few years strongly integrating technology into the classroom experience of all students. Since 2012, students have received iPads and this year, all 9-12 students have either iPads or Chromebooks as a personal learning device.
Our students use these devices in many different engaging ways!
1:1 learning devices allow students to have a personal research library with them at all times. They also help students organize their day, week, and school year. Teachers enter their grades on PowerSchool, and all parents and students can check their averages at any time. Students can also use their devices to collaborate, communicate, and create with one another in exciting ways. While some students are creating iMovies to demonstrate lab experiments or poetry they’ve read, other students can explore primary sources directly or edit their shared essays with meaningful feedback provided by peers and their teacher.
Overall, in this 21st century world, SHS believes that all students should learn how to adapt to an innovative, ever-changing world – and we want to provide students with the tools and experience to do so. To learn more about what is happening at Sandwich High School visit our website: or follow us on Twitter: @SHSBlueKnights
student w chromebook in group

Students can share their work through the use of Google Docs and other tools, increasing opportunities for collaboration

Student w ipad

Ipads provide an interactive experience for students that would not otherwise be available to them.

student w ipad 2

Having their own 1:1 device helps students with organization, research and innovate ways to show their learning.