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Professional Development @ SHS in 2014-2015

by Dr. Ellin Booras

Professional Development at Sandwich High School promises to be lively and focused this year. Each of our nine departments will be working on initiatives which support our two step goal of  maximizing the proliferate and integrated use of technology to insure a high level of student engagement.

Each department has devised a plan  which advances our goal. The plan consists of a cross walk to our school improvement plan which is comprised of the NEASC recommendations resulting from our decennial visit in October, 2013. each of the PD plans are in conformance with the Sandwich High School ‘s learning expectations which include academic, social and civic benchmarks.

Departments will be working in a collaborative model for the five Late Start Days. Each department will produce a final product to showcase using instructional technology. This will be done through a school-wide gallery walk held in June. Teachers will visit the stations  hosted by colleagues to learn about the work being done throughout the school. Embedded in the work will be checking for unity in common formative assessments, use of school wide rubrics to guide student work, and broadening repertoire in authentic and formative assessments. The ultimate goal is to expand project based learning which promotes student engagement and to do so through meaningful  use of  contemporary twenty-first century tools.

Sandwich High School is full one to one high school as all students have electronic devices. We are committed to moving SHS along on its journey to recognize and to act upon its responsibility to structure teaching and and learning in ways that meet the needs of today’s students. To that end, we encourage all teachers, students, and parents  to migrate away from paper and to maximize electronic platforms and interactive strategies. This will result in a school focused on emerging and future needs of 21st century learners while responding to the recommendations which guide our journey.
We are excited about our professional development plan as it is focused, unified, and based on framing our future!