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Trish Hill Appointed as Principal of Oak Ridge School

On Wednesday, October 15, 2014, Dr. Richard Canfield announced the appointment of Ms. Trish Hill as the principal of Oak Ridge School. The Alert Now message sent to staff and Oak Ridge families follows:

Good evening, this is Dr. Richard Canfield.  At tonight’s Sandwich School Committee, I will formally announce the appointment of Trish Hill to serve as principal of the Oak Ridge School.  Ms. Hill has been serving as the Acting Principal since the retirement of Patrice Hurley.  Ms. Hill completed the interviewing process with parent and faculty representation from all three K-6 schools, that will merge next year as the Oak Ridge Campus for Grades 3-6.  She brings an extensive background with certification in administration, technology integration, mathematics, science, and English Language Arts.  Most recently she served as the district K-8 Science Coordinator.  The appointment is effective immediately and she will take the lead in working with the Reorganization Planning Team for the Oak Ridge School.  Ms. Deb Landry chose not to apply for personal reasons, and also chose to return to Oak Ridge as Assistant Principal, after she completes her duties as Acting Principal of the Wing School.  As a team they will continue the planning and design work that was begun  by our close colleague Patrice Hurley. I hope all will join in welcoming Trish in her new role for the district.

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Ms. Hill started this school year with former principal Patrice Hurley as her mentor. She will continue her partnership with Assistant Principal Marian MacPherson for 2014-2015.