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Forestdale Fall 5K

by Marc Smith, Principal – Forestdale School


This past Sunday, I had the pleasure of participating in the Forestdale Fall 5K.  In addition to it being a fantastic moment as the principal of the school, it also served as a lasting memory for me as a father.I have used running as a way to stay both physically and mentally healthy for nearly 20 years.  I have occasionally run with friends, but most often running has been a solitary act for me. A time when it is just me, the road, and my thoughts.One evening in early September I took the flyer for the Forestdale Fall 5K out of my suit coat pocket and placed it on the kitchen counter (not sure about anyone else, but the kitchen counter is the spot where things that need some “follow up” go in the Smith household).  I wanted to make sure that I registered for the race; it seemed like a good way to connect with the community as the principal while also doing something I enjoy and value.It was not long before my inquisitive 8 year old daughter Kendall started asking me questions about the flyer and the race.  “Daddy, can I do it with you?” she asked.  She had never run more than across the back yard before and I was concerned that she didn’t really understand what was involved; however, after I explained it she was still all in.

After a few weeks of “training” we were all set to run.  I was excited to share this otherwise solitary act with one of my kids.  We showed up to the school about a 1/2 hour before the race, and while the weather was cool, cloudy and windy, the atmosphere was warm, inviting and energetic.  Music and smiles from the PTA volunteers greeted us as we arrived. Sponsors had tables set up with information for families that support healthy living and families milled about in preparation for the start of the race.

As we gathered at the starting line, I couldn’t help but notice all the conversations going on between families.  Some parents were making plans to meet their “springier” children at the finish or partnering them with friends, while others were reassuring younger runners that they could do it and that dad/mom would stay with them the whole time.

Once on the course, I was struck by the volunteers that supported this event all along the way.  There were adults and children alike manning water stations, cheering and providing course directions (especially helpful for me).  Anyone that has participated in running events knows that they can not happen without an army of volunteers; it was a powerful reminder to me of the amazing support networks we have here in Sandwich and the way the community rallies around its schools.

As we exited the woods and began our last loop around the driveway to the cheering of my wife, son and mother, I was filled with a great feeling of pride.  I was proud of my daughter for setting a goal for herself and seeing it through to the end and I was proud to be a member of the Forestdale School Community; a community that values family and supports events that bring them together in the pursuit of healthy choices.

I look forward to building more memories with my daughter as well as building more memories at Forestdale this year and larger Sandwich community moving forward.

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