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Reflections on the Importance of Making Mistakes

by Trish Hill, principal – Oak Ridge School

We recently had a PTA sponsored visit from one of my all-time favorite presenters, Brett Outchcunis, better know as Ooch!  Ooch has been coming to Oak Ridge for years and he never ceases to amaze and inspire.  This year his message to the kids had to do with the importance of making mistakes and that mistakes are good.  He’s absolutely right!  Even though we all make mistakes, it’s important to realize that they are an important part of learning.  Any great endeavor involves making mistakes and usually the bigger the goal, the more mistakes you’ll make along the way.  The important part about making mistakes is what we do when they happen.  Ooch taught the kids about how to embrace their mistakes.  He shared several steps in order to do this:

  1. Admitting it
  2. Owning it
  3. Cleaning it up/Fixing it
  4. Forgiving yourself
  5. Learning from it

No one intends to make mistakes, in fact we are usually embarrassed when we do.  However, Ooch emphasized with the kids that it’s important to be empathetic when others make mistakes.  Overall, a wonderful lesson for kids and adults alike.

Trish Hill & Ooch

Ooch and Ms. Hill