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Students and Staff at the Forestdale School Boldly Go Bald for Cancer Awareness.

By Connie Freeman, 5th Grade Teacher

On Friday, October 17, 2014, as part of an ongoing lesson in trying to create a more empathetic world, my students and I joined thousands across the country in the Be Bold Be Bald fundraising event by bravely donning our bald caps for cancer patients everywhere!

For many cancer patients, going bald is not a choice. It is just one of the many challenges they face as they bravely fight the disease. My fifth grade classes, along with other brave students and staff, put vanity aside to wear bald caps to show solidarity to those who bravely fight cancer.

By going about our day as usual – riding on the bus, attending soccer practice, playing football after school, meeting with colleagues, stopping in the local coffee shop, grocery shopping or going to class – participants got a small taste of what many cancer patients face.

Be Bold Be Bald image

Some participants in Be Bold Be Bald decorate their caps in honor of a loved one who has fought cancer. This image is from the Be Bold Be Bald campaign.

Be Bold, Be Bald! is a national fundraising event held on the third Friday of October each year.

Participants go bald by boldly wearing a bald cap (or very boldly shaving their head) to honor those who bravely fight cancer and raise money to help fight back.

Two of my students took the cause to heart.

Samantha LeBlanc was so inspired by the fundraiser that she cut 14 inches of her hair to donate so that children with cancer can have wigs.

Cameron Benjamin was also determined to do something to help, so he shaved his head for the cause. Before going bald for cancer, his hair was past his shoulders. All day long, all he kept saying, “Mrs. Freeman, I can’t stop smiling.”

Both of them learned a valuable lesson…It feels good to do something for others. We felt good about going bald!

Be Bold, Be Bald! is a national fundraiser started by Boston advertising agency, Small Army, after losing its co-founder to the disease. Since its first event in 2009, the event has raised more than $750,000, with 100% of the net proceeds going to cancer charities.

So far we have raised $375.00 for charity. Next year, we are hoping that more people will join the movement to help us raise money and awareness for this terrible disease. So, if you participated this year…save your cap!

In the meantime…if you feel you want to sponsor us for our bold moves, please visit our webpage:

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