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At Last, STEM Lockers!

The retrofitting of space to receive additional lockers in any building is not a quick or easy process.  Production, delivery and installation delays were challenging to all of us, but STEM students,  teachers and administrators responded really well as accommodations were made to help  students with their school and personal items.

The work to install the lockers involved power cutting tools.  Our commitment to student safety and a learning environment free of the distracting sound of power tools required that the work to be done during weekend time or after school.  The lockers were delivered and last weekend the installer worked on Saturday, but could not finish the work.  When the installers failed to show after school as promised, the superintendent placed a call to the company executive.  On Wednesday evening a return call promised that the team would be at the school on Thursday evening, and if necessary would return Friday evening, and Saturday.

The superintendent, in the midst of a meeting Thursday evening, was informed that the installers were at the school and planned to work late.  At 6:43 AM on Friday, the superintendent was informed that the work was complete.  The lockers are all in, combination locks, and locker number labels are all installed.  The locker numbers with their corresponding combinations will be entered into PowerSchool, and students will be assigned lockers as soon as possible, but no later than Monday morning.

The superintendent extends his appreciation to the STEM students, and the faculty, staff, and administration for their patience, and their resilience as they found ways to manage until the lockers were ready for assignment.