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Morning Games with Mrs. Joy at Wing School

by Alison Joy, Physical Education Teacher – HT Wing School

The Morning Games group is off to a great start at the Wing School!  Morning Games Group is offered on Tuesday or Thursday mornings and is a way for students to begin their day with exercise.  Currently there are 54 kids 3rd & 4th graders signed up, and 27 5th & 6th graders have signed up.  This has been an amazing turn out and I am very excited each morning that I come in to such a great group of kids who want to move.

The games that we are playing in the Morning Games group are primarily games that the kids have not yet played before.  We begin each session with a brief period of an open gym to warm up the bodies and get ready for the game.  The games that we are playing focus on teamwork and strategies.  The main goal of this group is to get kids moving in the morning and leave feeling ready to begin their day.

This group has been such a successful one that I am planning on doing it again beginning in January.