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Update on the Sandwich High School Pool Repair

By Wendy Pierce, Aquatics Director

This week was a huge turning point in the renovation of the pool. The last of the construction scaffolding was removed and water was added. Woo-hoo!

To date:

  • the leak in the pool has been repaired and re-tiled (see photos)
  • the old HVAC system was demolished and replaced with a more efficient, quieter rooftop unit
  • the stand-alone pool heater has been installed
  • the walls have been painted
  • the entire pool deck and pool surfaces were cleaned and re-grouted
  • the main drains in the pool were repaired and fitted with new safety compliant drain covers
  • upgrades and repairs to the pool equipment room and plumbing have been completed

Though the major construction projects are nearly complete, it will take some time to finalize the balancing of the water and air handling systems.

The pool will be ready for the start of the SHS and STEM swimming and Diving season on December 1st. The installation of a security alarm and the new starting blocks – a gift from the Melanson family in honor of their son Christopher – will be complete by December 1st.

Also, as the weather turns colder and our physical education classes finish their outdoor units of study, they will be able to move indoors and utilize the pool as a teaching station.  Special needs students, and engineering and physics classes will also use the pool.

Planning for use by the community is in progress. The goal is to create a new entrance and a reconfiguration of the locker rooms by spring so the pool can be opened to the community.  The dedicated “Community Entrance” at the back of the pool is dependent upon sufficient funds remaining from the Pool Repair Project and must wait until the construction work is completed at the DeConto Memorial Stadium.

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Filled Pool #3

We really appreciate the shiny new HVAC pipes shown in this photo. The new system is very effective at heating and cooling, and is also very, very quiet!