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Creating the Giant Squire! STEM Creativity in Action

In Michael Magyar's workshop at the Glass Studio of Cape Cod...
by Kathleen Mills and Diana Ganju, Art Teachers – Sandwich STEM Academy
Over the course of two Monday meetings after school at the Sandwich Glass Studio, seven enthusiastic students from the STEM Academy helped local artist Michael Magyar assemble the STEM Squire. One student, Teddy Biron, actually designed the Squire for the academy as a result of winning the mascot design contest last year.
Mr. Magyar then took Teddy’s design, simplified and enlarged it on his sketch pad. From there, the students took over. They learned how to enlarge his drawing to scale and cut large pieces of metal. After bending, cutting, placing and assembling the giant on the ground, Mr. Magyar then showed the students the process of welding. Some students decided to try it out while others watched. The students involved were: Cameron Kelly, Dan Fenton, Scott Liimatainen, Teddy Biron, Olivia Rowe, Jeremiah Cooney
Thank you to everyone involved in this; it is such an achievement for those students that were directly involved in the creation of the giant Squire, which will be on display for years to come.  And thanks, especially to Mr. Magyar, for his generosity of time and talent.
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