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Thank YOU!!! Thoughts for November from Deb Landry

Ms. Landry, getting ready to enjoy Family Movie Night at Wing with pre-schooler Haley Zylich, Meghan Zylick - Kindergarten, Shannon Heyer - grade 4 and moms Melissa Zylich and Julie Heyer,

When asked to identify what made the school so good, every person, without fail, said it was the people of the school: the children, the fam­ilies, and the staff. Nobody said, “We have a really great computer lab” or “a brand-new reading textbook.”(Eaker, DuFour, & DuFour, 2002)

Thank YOU!” (Peter Frampton, circa 1976, introducing the song, “Baby I Love Your Way” on the Frampton Comes Alive album)

Most of you are likely too young to even remember Frampton’s classic live album (on the other hand, a few select oth­ers may be a tad too old!); as for me, I can recall spending my junior year of college listening and singing along to Frampton and thinking he was the ultimate of cool.  My friends and I would even imitate his “Thank YOU!” when the opportunity presented itself. With Thanksgiving Day approaching, I thought it an appropriate time to offer my sincere thanks to all of families and staff at H.T. Wing and the Sandwich Public Schools for enriching the lives of our children.

I’m deeply thankful for our administrative support team at H. T. Wing. In many ways, their individual and collective greatness mirrors that of our overall staff. Their organi­zational skills and attention to details are unsurpassed. With several years of experience, each of them possesses valued expertise and insight that helps us all. “Thank YOU!” to Chris Dintino, our awesome assistant principal and a trusted colleague. “Thank YOU!”  Marilyn Russell and Mary Fran McCarron, our extraordinary secretaries and the two women who really run the office. I am truly grateful for all they do to support the student, staff, and families each day with such patience and perseverance.

“Thank YOU!”  to our exceptional PTA volunteers and the leadership team: Melissa Zylich, President, Jamie Karlson and Kim Lusty, Co-Vice Presidents, Julie Heyer, Treasurer, and Jen Harmon, Secretary. Each has made such a positive impact on our entire school community with their compassion and overall com­mitment to excellence. Theyare tireless workers, and I am deeply thankful that they are here each day supporting our teachers and students on behalf of the families of the Wing School.

Our entire staff successfully parallels our administrative team: We have many veteran teachers and support staff on whom we rely for their wisdom and for sharing and spreading how we do things, “The Wing School Family Way!”  We also have teachers and staff who are in new roles this year. We applaud them for their flexibility and willingness to accept new challenges that benefit our kids. Finally, we have solid teachers and staff completely new to Wing this year. Each of them has brought with them a multitude of skills and traits that are helping students and staff to grow continuously. “Thank YOU!”

Whether you are a veteran Wing staff or family member, or someone new the Wing School Community, I am genuinely thankful that you are here. I have the best job in the world because I am surrounded by all of you every day. In the above quote, Eaker and colleagues have clearly stated what makes our own school great: it is not our facility, nor is it our top notch curriculum; instead, it is each member of the Wing School performing great deeds day in and day out for the benefit of the children of the Wing School. As Peter Frampton said, “Thank YOU!” for reminding me so clearly what it means to be a part of the Wing School family and the Sandwich Public Schools each day (“OohBaby I Love Your Way”)!   Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.