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STEM Academy 8th Graders to Work with Graphic Designers

Zac Brooks is working intently on his graphic design

by Diana Ganju

Grade 8 Art students have been designing personal symbols as part of their Design unit. Through this project, students have experienced multiple steps in the creative process as they explore many possible solutions to the design problem. As students approach their final designs, they will have the opportunity to meet and discuss their work with professional graphic designers. Six graphic designers have agreed to volunteer their time to come to the STEM Academy. During their visit, they will show students their symbol design portfolios, share their creative process (including work with clients), and provide positive feedback to students.

We are very excited to have these visitors come and help us connect the work we are doing in the classroom with the professional work of artists and designers. The following designers will be visiting the STEM Academy.

Patty Dysart

Dysart Creative, Plymouth 

Tuesday, December 9, 11:30-12:30


Michelle McKay

Glasstown Designs, Sandwich

Tuesday, December 9, 1:15-2:15


Andrew Newman

Andrew Newman Design, Marston Mills

Wednesday, December 10, 8:30-9:30


Robert Carrison

Carrison Design, Sandwich

Wednesday, December 10, 11:30-12:30


Kimberly White

Grouper Design, Yarmouthport

Thursday, December 11, 8:30-9:30


Alison Parker and Diana Sanders

Vervaine Design Studio, Chatham

Thursday, December 18, 11:30-12:30