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Pool Update – December 12, 2014

by Dr. Richard Canfield, Superintendent

Since our last update of December 2, the pool bonding/grounding plan was approved by the electrical inspector and that work is nearing completion.  The work to address some remaining leaks and plumbing issues is continuing.

In the meantime, the high school swim team will be practicing offsite.  A meeting with Mr.  Murphy, Dr. Canfield, Dr. Booras, and Mr. Hall will be scheduled to include our swim team coaches and swimmers in the conversation.

To add clarity to funding discussions, the original article for the repairs to the natatorium was $980,000.  Knowing that the greatest cost would be the HVAC system, the first bid prepared by the engineer was for  replacement of that system.  That work has been completed for $800,000. The remaining $180,000 was applied to the grouting and tile work.  Thanks to the $25,000 donation from the Melanson family for starting blocks and lane lines, funds remained to cover the bonding/grounding issues that were never part of the scope of the work.  Those issues were hidden beneath the pool deck,  and date back to the original construction some 40 years ago.

Updates on the pool will be provided as the district has accurate information to share.