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Celebrating Matt Bridges ~ 30 Years Supporting and Inspiring Students, Families and Teachers in Sandwich

Marilyn Vrountas and Matt Bridges, a powerful team working on behalf of Sandwich students and families.

On Tuesday December 9th, the Town of Sandwich and the Sandwich Public Schools came together to honor their employees for their years of service. Marilyn Vrountas, Assistant Director of Pupil Services,  prepared these remarks about Matt Bridges, Director of Pupil Services. 

Compared to many of the people in the room, I will have known Matt a relatively short time.  However, when you spend as much time as we have doing the intense and involved work that we do daily, you cannot help but get a deeper sense of a person and see a side that others may never have the opportunity to see.

I have come to know that Matt is not only a skilled and knowledgeable leader who cares deeply for the town of which he has been a part all of his life, but that he is also deeply caring for the staff, the students, and the families who reside here.

He works tirelessly to meet the needs of those in the district, checking in with staff, and communicating with parents about their children that goes above and beyond the limits of his job description and the hours in the work week.

He is fair, honest, kind, and understanding and his sense of humor and his laughter keep Pattie, Janet and I going on some of our most difficult days.  He is phenomenal to work for and with, and I am honored to have been a part of his 30 year journey.

I think I can speak for our entire office and many staff beyond our office walls who would say: Thank you for being who you are.