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Celebrating Bud Schermerhorn ~ Teaching, Inspiring, and Creating a Learning Community for 25 years!

On Tuesday December 9th, the Town of Sandwich and the Sandwich Public Schools came together to honor their employees for their years of service. Dr. Ellin Booras, Principal at Sandwich High School, prepared these remarks about Mr. Schermerhorn.

Bud is truly an institution. He has spent the past 25 years deeply caring about each and very student and sending the message that each of them has great worth and potential.  A visit to his class is watching a master at work. No matter what the course or grade level, his students know from the corners of their hearts that their teacher believes in them.

I have known few teachers who put more in their homeroom/ advisory than Mr. Schermerhorn. Each day, he expresses a sincere and intentional message that he is glad that his students are with him. He has a sincere interest in each of their journeys, posting photographs, celebrating birthdays and setting a tone that his time with them is cherished and important.

I can think of no teacher who has made me feel more welcome in his classes. Each year, I eagerly accept his invitation to attend the blessing of the pencils with his junior AP classes and then accompany him on his annual Thoreau walk through the dunes at Sandy Neck with the same group.

Mr. Schermerhorn builds community one student at a time. He stops and says good morning and good afternoon each day and works tirelessly to create a school family where its members feel valued and appreciated. He is truly a master craftsman and a wonderful ambassador for the noble profession of serving as a teacher trusted with the young minds and hearts of his students.