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Celebrating Mary Fran McCarron’s 29 Years of Service To The Sandwich Public Schools

Mary Fran McCarron has been an integral part of the Sandwich Public Schools for 29 years  and will be retiring on December 30, 2014. She has been a daily support for so many families, teachers and administrators. Following are some thoughts from some of the principals who have worked with Mrs. McCarron. 

from Deb Landry, Principal – Wing School, 2014-2015

It has been a privilege and honor to know and work with Mrs. Mary Fran McCarron, a valued member of the H.T.Wing and Sandwich Public Schools secretarial staff for the last 29 years.

The staff and students at Wing and in Sandwich wish her a well deserved happy and healthy retirement.  Mrs. McCarron’s last day at the Wing School will be December 30th. On behalf of the many administrators she has worked with, I would like to say THANK YOU to Mrs. McCarron for a job well done.

Though she is not an educator in the sense of being a certified teacher, Mrs. McCarron has taught us much by her example, character, and work ethic.   Over the course of the 29 years she worked at Wing and in the Sandwich School system, she touched the lives of countless numbers of students, families and staff as one of our most dedicated secretaries.

Mrs. McCarron has helped many behind the scenes.  One recent year as the holidays approached, she took it upon herself to help a family with young children in distress and struggling with basic necessities, without seeking recognition or reimbursement for significant personal expenses. Her generosity in this particular instance can never be repaid. For that we admire her bigheartedness, and a family is forever grateful for her assistance to get back on their feet.

Mrs. McCarron – your shoes will be hard to fill . . . Thank you for your years of commitment and devotion to “The Wing Family” and Sandwich Public Schools.  You will be missed.

Congratulations and best wishes for happiness in your next endeavor.

From Marc Smith, Principal of the Wing school 2013-2014; current Principal of Forestdale School

When I was first appointed to the position of principal at Henry T. Wing School, it was to be my first job as a building principal.  Truth be told, I was nervous, a bit unsure and worried that I was going to screw up something really important without even knowing it.  Mrs. McCarron reached out to me before I even started.  She sent me a list of things that I wanted to be thinking about before starting in the summer and told me that “You will never hear from me that ‘We have always done it this way.’”  She stressed that she was open to new approaches to running the school and that she was there to work with me as I worked to accomplish my goals.

Mrs. McCarron was true to her word.  Many of the changes I made upon my arrival at the Wing school had the greatest impact on my secretarial staff.  Both Mrs. McCarron and her secretarial partner, Mrs. Russell,  absorbed these changes with professionalism and class, and I would not have had a successful transition into this school without their support.

I really enjoyed working with  Mrs. McCarron –  I appreciate her passion and matter of fact approach to conversation.  One thing you can count on in a conversation with Mary Fran is that she is going to tell it how it is.  You can also count on her to stand in proud support of the Wing School, its students and staff.  As Ms. Landry referenced, it is not uncommon to hear about efforts that Mary Fran has organized to support families in need.  She cares deeply for children and we all care deeply for her.

While I only had one year to work with Mrs. McCarron before moving to Forestdale, we worked closely together and developed a relationship that I will carry with me forever.  She welcomed me into the Sandwich Community in ways that she probably does not even realize, but I know that she played an integral role in my integration into the Wing School and the larger Sandwich Public Schools community.

from  Matt Bridges,  Principal of the Wing School, 1994-2010 – current Director of Pupil Services

One key to a successful career as a school principal is an outstanding secretary!!!!

For 16 years as principal of the Wing School I was extremely fortunate to work together daily with Mrs. McCarron.

From day one-her enormous level of commitment, dedication and wanting nothing but the best for the Wing School community was always her “top priority”.

Mrs. McCarron was incredibly organized and wanted everything that left the office of the Wing School to display professionalism. A “task master” for sure!!!!!

She was often the first to arrive and the last to leave on many days making sure all tasks were complete and  ready for the following day.

Beyond her outstanding work as a secretary, Mary Fran cared dearly about every staff member and their lives beyond the Wing school.

Any new family that moved to the Wing school was always greeted with open arms and a welcome that was remembered forever. Always going the extra mile to make families feel welcomed, filling them in on what the community of Sandwich had to offer their family, and dropping everything to make sure they had a one-on-one tour of our wonderful school.

Mrs. McCarron knew “everything” that went on within the brick and mortar of the Wing school. As principal she would always keep me informed of things that may never have made their way to my office without her level of trust and loyalty.

Whenever there was a family in need of anything-clothing, food, gas money, assistance with utilities-Mrs. McCarron would quietly go about her ways to make things happen to turn the situation into a happy ending and leave a memory of appreciation that many will never forget.

Working tirelessly for many years, Mrs. McCarron had her most joy in balancing her work with the most important part of her life-her children and grandchildren. Her dedication and commitment to her grandchildren was often one of amazement- where she found the time to fit everything into her week was amazing.

It was very uncommon for Mrs. McCarron to miss a day of work. Whether it be surgery or a cold,she was back to work faster than anyone in the building.

Mary Fran-thank you for being such an important part of my life –both professionally and personally for over 20 years. You inspired and supported me –  for which I will forever be grateful.

May you have many deserving years ahead of good health and happiness!!!!!