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Flu Season is Almost Upon Us – Information from our School Nurses

by Carilyn Rains BSN, M.Ed, RN, Nurse Leader – Sandwich Public Schools
School nurses are on the frontlines providing health care and education to students dealing with multiple health care conditions – including influenza.
Each year seasonal flu is a serious threat to the health and well‐being of students and families; it sickens 5 to 20 percent of Americans and sends about 200,000 people to the hospital.
For children younger than 5 years of age, it leads to approximately 20,000 hospitalizations and nearly 100 deaths.
Flu can spread rapidly in the school community. Vaccination is the first and most important step to protect against the flu.It is important to note that flu season hits its peak in January or February. The bottom line is that anyone – even healthy people – can get sick from the flu, and that the annual flu vaccine is the best protection against potentially serious complications. The CDC is recommending seasonal influenza vaccination to everyone age 6 months and older!
Please view and download Information here: flu-guide-for-parents

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