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Taking Some Time to Reconnect ~ December Thoughts from Marc Smith

The Smith Family goes to NYC

Mr. Smith shared these thoughts about “Family Time” with the Forestdale community before the Winter break that started on December 24, 2014.

by Marc J. Smith, Principal – Forestdale School

As I sit and think about the school vacation that begins on Wednesday, I find myself considering multiple emotions.  As a principal, I will miss the interactions with students, faculty and parents that make up such a significant portion of my day.  I also worry about the time away from learning and the work that will need to be done by our fabulous staff to re-engage students in the learning process.  On the other hand I welcome the opportunity to focus time and attention on my own family, connect with a few old colleagues, and restore my own work/life balance.

With our children home these last days of December, we have a fantastic opportunity to spend some time developing our family relationships.  It is a great time to share a favorite story, play a family board game, explore some local history or build a popsicle stick bridge.  Activities like these not only support the development of long-lasting family bonds, but they also help to ensure active student minds during the vacation.As parents we can support the growth and development of our children by sharing our own love for learning.  We each have things that interest us, curiosities that we pursue and new things that life “forces” us to learn.  When we share this with our children we show them that learning is not something done only when you are in school (or of school age), but a lifelong pursuit.I wish everyone a happy and healthy school vacation and look forward to seeing everyone again on the 5th of January.