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Pool Update – December 29, 2014

Neil Murphy, Administrator for Athletics and Wendy Pierce, Aquatics Director sent the following note as an email to SHS Swim Families with an update on the pool renovation… 

Greetings Swimmers, Divers, & Families,

We are writing this morning to give you an update on the status of the pool. We know this has been a disappointing and frustrating process for all of you. It has been for all of us, as well. We sincerely appreciate your patience and flexibility during this time. When we filled the pool in mid-November, we were hopeful that the interscholastic swim season would start on time, as planned. Construction and the leak repair had been completed on time and everything looked good. Then, during the installation of the beautiful new starting blocks, the electrical bonding issue came to light. We are happy to report that the problem has been resolved and that the blocks, board, ladders, deck, and mechanical systems are safely grounded.
Shortly thereafter, however, we discovered that we were once again losing water at a disconcerting rate. We have since been working hard to figure out where the leaks and problems are so that we can address them, but this has meant waiting for tests to be completed and for results to be analyzed. As of this past Friday, the last of the engineering tests were completed and we are still awaiting some of the results. The problem areas have been identified and the contractor will be returning to repair the areas in question. The overall news is promising, however, accessing the pool before the end of January is very unlikely at this point.
As with any large renovation project in an older facility, unforeseen issues are bound to arise. Many of these issues were hidden well beneath the pool deck and date back to the original construction of the pool some 40 years ago. We will keep you updated as new information regarding the status becomes available. Until then, Mr. Murphy will continue to work with Coaches Compton and Romanowicz on alternative practice and competition space.
Happy New Year!
Neil Murphy & Wendy Pierce
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