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Birds of Prey Capture the Imagination of Forestdale 2nd Graders

Every year, teachers in Sandwich apply for grants from local businesses and organizations that fund enriching experiences to extend  learning for students. Mrs. Susan Iadonisi, a 2nd grade teacher at Forestdale, was awarded a grant by the Cape Cod Foundation to bring a bird expert to Forestdale this fall. We are very appreciative of the generosity of these granting organizations and to the teachers who make those applications on behalf of their students.

by Susan Iadonisi, Grade 2 teacher – Forestdale School

Birds of Prey #3

Mr. Parks wears a leather glove

Wingmasters are licensed raptor rehabilitators based in Massachusetts. They care for injured birds of prey and give presentations so that people can appreciate and better understand birds of prey.

Jim Parks is one of the rehabilitators and presented our show.  He wears a leather glove so that he can hold them out to show the class.  As he talks, he may stroke or touch a part of the bird he is referring to.  Each bird is in their own cage… they come out one by one and then returned after its presentation.

He showed different birds of prey and explained what had happened to them that made them have to live with rehabilitators.  He also explained how each bird has a unique adaptation for their

Birds of Prey #4environment -good eyesight,  acute hearing and that every bird of prey has hooked beaks and  talons for grabbing.

Mr. Parks has a quiet demeanor – students listen for each word.  It is evident that he is committed to and loves what he does.

Birds of Prey #1

Mr. Parks is very skilled at handling the birds of prey.

Birds of Prey #5

This is close up of an owl, one of the Birds of Prey that Mr. Parks cares for.