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“Boxes of Hope” Project at Wing

Delighted 5th graders open their Boxes of Hope

By Wing School 5th graders: Molly Smith, Cora Nelson-Palmer, Kellyn Thayer and Reese Walbridge

Over the month of December, the Wing School’s fifth graders did a project called Boxes of Hope. This project is a present to a classmate. The box contained an inspiring and encouraging letter; five well-written compliments; a picture; a handmade gift; and a poem or short story.

The process of making our Boxes of Hope started by filling out a survey about ourselves, and then picking another person’s survey randomly. After we found out who our buddy was we had to keep who we had a secret for about 2 or 3 weeks.

Using the information from the survey, we made very thoughtful things for our buddy. During school we learned how to write the poem or short story, the five compliments, and the inspiring and encouraging letter. At home, we made the picture and handmade gift. Last, we wrapped up our boxes and added a few last minute touches of our own.

We were inspired for this project by reading a book called Hattie’s Birthday Box by Pam Conrad. It was about a man’s 100th birthday. He was going to see his sister for the first time in 84 years.

He was nervous about meeting her again because he gave her a empty box for her birthday. When he saw Hattie he thought she would be mad at him for giving her an empty box. It turned out Hattie loved the box and was not mad at him at all. The boxes show some of the most meaningful gifts are the homemade ones.

When the day came to open our boxes, everyone was super excited. We were all waiting so long to give, but of course also to receive. Everyone had learned so much about each other, and about giving!  Not only was it a good learning experience, but it was also so much fun.

The authors are the students of Stacey Blount, Shannon Bechard, Kristin MacDonald and Liz Tobia.

Students read the stories contained in their "Boxes of Hope"

Students read the stories contained in their “Boxes of Hope”