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Local Scientists to Launch Partnership with Sandwich Public Schools; Public Presentation on Wednesday, Feb 11th at Town Hall

by Gil Newton, Director – STEM Academy

On Wednesday, February 9, 2015 at 7pm, at a meeting of the Sandwich School Committee,  a presentation will be given describing a new and exciting partnership between the Sandwich Public Schools and the Lewis Bay Research Center in Yarmouth and its Institute of Marine Innovation, Research and Sustainability.  Institute leaders will present to the School Committee – all interested members of the Sandwich Community are invited to come to hear about the partnership and ask questions. The doors will open at 6:30 to allow an opportunity to speak with the scientists; coffee and donuts will be served. 

This collaboration between research scientists and the Sandwich Public Schools was developed to “establish an incubator space for student engagement with business professionals.” Several members of the STEM Academy Science Advisory Board have been meeting throughout the school year to form this new opportunity for Sandwich students, and to provide students with a hands-on experience in Cape Cod’s high technology workforce. The scientists and engineers that put this together are C. Eben Franks, Dr. Steve Kramer, Brian-Braginton Smith, Tom Whittlesey, David Deconto, and Gil Newton.

Part of the organization’s vision is “to become an institute that catalyzes the restoration of Cape Cod’s community, economy, and ecology.” Many projects are already underway at the STEM Academy, including participation in a robotics and ROV club; a transboundary pollution project’ and the use of algae as fertilizers in organic gardening. Clean water, biofuels, digital mapping, renewable energy, and climate change are just a few of the topics for student involvement.

The IMIRS will be a state of the art facility for professionals to interact with Sandwich students.

All of these endeavors will be connected with the arts and the literacy program through writing assignments, art and technology links, and visual representations of the projects. There is a strong commitment to humanitarian issues regarding marine pollution, fishery protection, and sustainable agriculture.  The organization also will develop citizen scientists to become involved with local environmental issues.

The IMIRS is committed to support the Sandwich districts pre-K-12 STEM initiative. Programs for elementary students and opportunities, such as internships for high school students will be developed.  The Sandwich Public Schools is grateful to the dedication of our Science Advisory Board members and is excited about this great opportunity for students, pre-K-12.

We extend an enthusiastic invitation to all – families, the SPS community and the entire Sandwich community –  to attend and hear about this exciting partnership between the Sandwich Public Schools and the Lewis Bay Research Center Institute of Marine Innovation, Research and Sustainability.

Watch an invitation from Gil Newton!