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Robotics Club Presentation to School Committee on Feb 11, 2015

Mrs. Ginger Lavelle, 7th grade Engineering teacher, introduces some students from her After-School Robotics Club.

The STEM Academy Robotics Club demonstrated their robots and explained both the building of the robots and what they learned from the experience as part of the School Committee Presentation by the Science Advisory Board on February 11, 2015 in our beautiful Town Hall.

The STEM Academy Robotics Club is led by 7th grade Engineering Teacher Ginger Lavelle.

All students in the STEM Academy have an engineering class every day.

You can watch their demonstration at 38:09 at this link.    The students are very articulate about the work they did constructing and programming.  Toward the end of the entire presentation, there are additional questions and answers about the experiences that students have at the STEM Academy. 

The Robotics Club received a grant to help support it. You can read about the grand award here.

Robotics Kids #3 Feb 2015

Robotics Engineers: Cameron Kelly and Max Hart

Robotics Club #2 Feb 2015

Club members: Cameron Kelly, Max Hart, David Oman, Ainslea Andrade, Ryan Karch, Nathan Zylich, Matthew Fenton

Robotics Club #3 Feb 2015

Ryan Karch talks about his engineering and design learning experiences, along with his partner, Nathan Zylich.

Robotics Club #4 Feb 2015

Ainslea Andrade describes the unexpected learning that has come with building a robot while David Oman operates the robot and Ryan Karch looks on.