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SHS Senior Alex Denmark Receiving Community Service Award

Dr. Canfield presented the award to Alex Denmark

At the February 25, 2015 School Committee Meeting, Dr. Ellin Booras, Principal of Sandwich High School, announced an regarding an extraordinary honor and achievement for SHS Senior Alex Denmark.

prudential_spirit_community_award_medals_largeAlexander Denmark has been named one of the top runners up in the 2015 Prudential Spirit of Community Awards in Massachusetts. Alexander will receive an engraved bronze distinguished finalist medallion to commemorate this prestigious award. This will be presented personally by a Prudential representative at Sandwich High School Senior Awards night on June 4, 2015.  In addition, based on the number of volunteer hours indicated on Alex’s application, he has qualified for the President’s Volunteer Service award.

Alex has received a letter from the president of the United States commending Alex for his volunteerism and his ability to create positive and needed change.

The award states: “The President’s volunteer Service award is presented to Alexander Denmark who has achieved gold standard by the corporation for National and Community Service in recognition and appreciation for his commitment to strengthen our nation and communities through volunteer service.”

Dr. Booras went on the say: “Many of you have seen the article appearing on the front page of the Cape Cod Times chronicling Alex’s commitment to the start up of the STEM recycling program. Of special merit was Alex’s ability to create partnerships and garner support throughout the community.”

You can read the CCTimes article here and read Alex’s own article in Sandwich Learns Together about his Recycling Efforts at the STEM Academy.

Dr. Canfield, Superintendent, Alex Denmark and Travis Andrade, School Committee Chair

Dr. Canfield, Superintendent, Alex Denmark and Travis Andrade, School Committee Chair

Alex D Leadership Award Feb 15 2015 #3