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Student Representative Report to School Committee – February 25, 2015

by Katherine Dunham, SHS Representative to School Committee, Class of 2015

There’s a lot going on in the Sandwich schools to look forward to over the next few weeks and even into the beginning of Spring. Hopefully, the weather will start to cooperate with us, though.

Regarding the weather, students aren’t hoping for snow days like we were two months ago. After being stuck inside our houses, we’re happy to be back in class with our friends and hope for no more weather related interruptions.

The high school was able to move the dates of the Grade 10 ELA MCAS to March 31st, April 1st and April 2nd. Math MCAS, however, will still be conducted on the scheduled days, May 12th and 13th. AP Tests for juniors and seniors will also be held on their original dates. Along with the MCAS changes, sophomores should be aware that peer leadership applications have been given out. The new peer leaders will be selected soon so they they’re ready for training in April and the retreat at Camp Bournedale in June.

Mrs. Moynihan, the high school Latin teacher, has arranged for her students to attend a Latin Decathalon at Harvard. Thank you to Mrs. Moynihan for bringing this opportunity to SHS.
Ms. MacKenzie, director of instrumental music at the high school, has also organized an awesome opportunity for Sandwich students. The Sandwich High and STEM band has organized a concert called “Sunday Jazz” to be performed in the Town Hall auditorium on March 15th. The program will begin at 3 and will feature the school group as well as local musicians.

Along with the concert, students are also looking forward to the opening of the Knight’s Theater Company’s Spring musical, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. The production will open the weekend of March 28th, premiering that Friday, the 27th, and playing again on Saturday. Shows will also be held on April 10th and 11th. According to a dedicated member of KTC and the play’s lead, Andrew Sivco, the cast and crew are
already ready. And I totally believe Andrew and agree with his confidence because I’ve seen the tech crew, late at night, building sets and I’ve heard the cast, right after school, rehearsing. I’m sure that the play, under the direction of the
Lasits, will be just as fun as the last two.

As preparations for the play kick into full gear so do preparations for the spring sports season. Tryouts will begin on March 18th and more news is to come about the date of Spring sports night. Special thanks to the high school Student Council for planning a Pep Rally for this Friday. There, we’ll recognize all the athletes who participated in winter sports.

A special congratulations will be given to the Boys Varsity Basketball Team who made it into the post season.
The boys are playing their first tournament game right now down the hall in the gym against Sharon. Our team had a 19 and 1 regular season record and is ranked #2 in Division 2 South. The stats are pretty impressive but almost more
impressive was when Coach Green spoke to the five senior players’ characters last week at Senior Night. Those seniors – Joey Downes, Scotty Reels, Henry O’Brien, Dante Lambros, and Will Bennett – are recognized for their excellent
sportsmanship and leadership as much as their talent. If the team wins tonight, their next game will be this Friday at home. (Editor’s Note: SHS did win vs Sharon on Wednesday night; and followed with another win at home vs Walpole on Friday night. SHS Basketball will play in South Semifinals!) Follow SHS Athletics via twitter!

Oak Ridge has as much to look forward to as SHS and STEM. Last night was the opening of the Winter Art Show. Student work will remain on display for the rest of the week. Thanks to Mr. Mann and all the students for sharing their efforts. On Friday, Phys Ed teachers will host the Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser to benefit the American Heart Association. Thanks to Mrs. Goins and Mr. Murphy for their leadership. That same night, the PTA will be holding a Pasta
Dinner Event at 6pm. Please come out and support. Finally, beginning March 2nd, Oak Ridge will be celebrating Read Across America week. Students will be celebrating reading throughout the week. Notably, on March 3rd community leaders are invited to come in and read to students. They’d love to have any members of the school committee join them on that day.

So, after the meeting, if the game hasn’t finished, please come support the Blue Knights basketball team. A huge number of fans from SHS and the community have come out to support the team. The Student Athlete Advisory Committee had designated this night as “Beach Night” so everyone looks very tropical, kind of silly and is
super energetic. So please, wish the boys good luck and, if you can, help us pack the castle!
Thank you!