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Elementary Schools Q&A – News about 2015-2016 from the Entire Administrative Team!

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Welcome to the first Elementary Schools Q&A from your Administrative Team for 2015-2016!

We are Chris Dintino, Assistant Principal and Marc Smith, Principal – from Forestdale

and Trish Hill, Principal and Deb Landry  Assistant Principal – from Oak Ridge.

(Mr. Dintino and Ms. Landry have been leading the Wing School in 2014-2015.)

We’ve been collecting questions that families have about the new schools for next year and will answer three each month. We’ll also connect you to some resources that will provide additional information!

Contact us at to get your questions answered!

Q: When will they decide the School Calendar?

A: It was voted at the March 25, 2015 School Committee meeting. The first day of school for students will be September 8, 2015 and there will be February and April vacations.  In short, it is a Traditional Calendar!  Learn more at:  2015-2016 Calendar           

Q: What is the plan for the playgrounds at both schools?

A:  There are some hard-working parents and staff members working together to update the playgrounds at both schools. The playground committees are generating ideas, applying for grants, and planning for fundraising. Stay tuned for more information, and for opportunities to support the efforts to make the playgrounds at both schools reflective of the needs and desires of the kids at each school.

Q: What will class sizes be?

A: We will continue to use the same guidelines for class sizes that we have had in place for many years. We would like 20 or fewer students in our K-2 classes and 24 or fewer students in grades 3-6. The guideline for Pre-Kindergarten is 15 students.