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Elementary Principals Seek Parent Input for Class Placement

by Marc J. Smith, principal – Forestdale; Deb Landry, principal – Wing; Trish Hill, principal – Oak Ridge

Parent input is a valuable part of the class placement process.  Forestdale, Wing and Oak Ridge have historically sent home sheets to parents for them to complete and then send back to the school to help us in our placement decisions.  This year we have moved that process on-line.

If you have a child who is currently in grades K-5, or a child that will be entering kindergarten in the fall, we would love to get your input.  The link to the online form is:

Please know that the intent of this form is not a forum for parents to request specific teachers, rather an opportunity to share information about your child that will help us to best place your child.

If for any reason you are unable to fill this form out on-line, please contact the school to arrange a time for you to come to your current school to complete the form.

Learn more about the Class Placement process here.