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STEM Doodles!

by Karen McGrath, Technology Department Chair – SHS

Everyday Google changes its logo.

Google hosted a competition where students designed and submitted logos. These logos are called, “Google Doodles.”
To see examples:

 Students in Cultivating our Creative Selves participated in a competition similar to the Google Competition. They created “STEM” Doodles!

First the students learned about the creative process by watching a video from a person that works for Google:

Next students brainstormed all the problems we face in the world today.


Students then were asked, “What would you invent to make the world a better place?” The students wrote blog entries and then created a “STEM Doodle” to represent their idea.

The top STEM Doodles and blog entries will be displayed on the STEM Academy website(one per month).

The students’ whose designs were chosen to be be displayed on the STEM Academy website are Jason Brazil, Anna Cox and Madison Brun.

 The link below is a survey students filled out to choose which of the top 3 doodles should go on the website for each month(April,May & June)
You can hover your mouse over the pictures to read the students blog entries.

The students worked diligently on their designs and are very proud! They are a wonderful representation of STEM Education.

Please visit the academy website to see the winners displayed each month!

Karen McGrath & Deb Klier