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First Day of School at Forestdale, September 2015

Chris Dintino (Mr. D) and Marc Smith - the 2015-2016 Forestdale Administrative Team!

By Marc J. Smith, principal – Forestdale School

The Forestdale School is excited to share our plans for the first day of school next year.  In considering the specific unique needs of students in kindergarten through grade two, the significant change that next September will represent for so many, and our desire to build a strong family community and the practices of other successful districts, we are creating a new tradition for the first day of school for students in grades K-2.  This new tradition for Sandwich mirrors successful practices of other districts with primary schools.

The “Big Picture”

On September 8th, students will be invited to attend school with their parents during one of three sessions that day.  Each session will last approximately one hour and will include a visit to the classroom, an opportunity to meet the teacher, and to participate in a family activity within the classroom.  Parents will also meet with the principal and review bus procedures and expectations prior to the first day of K-2 bus transportation (September 9).

Additionally, parents will be able to visit the nurse, set up lunch accounts, visit with the specialist teachers, confirm emergency information with the office, and much more.  This is a fantastic opportunity to support students as they transition into the school year.  This special event gives parents an opportunity to meet teachers on the first day of school, see their child’s classroom and create a powerful positive memory with their child.


So how is this all going to work?

  • Parents (or other relative/friend) will bring their child to the Forestdale School on the first day of school, September 8th in one of three sessions.
    • The first session will be for families with the last name A-H and will be from 9 – 10.
    • The second session will be for families with the last name I-Q and will be from 10:30 – 11:30.
    • The third session will be for families with the last name R-Z and will be from 1-2.
    • Parents and students will start by going to their new classroom to meet the teacher, drop-off school supplies, see the classroom and participate in a family activity. At the conclusion of the activity (30-45 minutes), families can visit other areas in the school (cafeteria, gym, nurse, etc.) and then the children will go home with their parents for the day while we welcome students in the next session.
  • On September 9th, the busses will pick up all students at their bus stops at the normal time and participate in a full day of school with the knowledge, comfort, familiarity and experience that they gained the previous day.
  • If for any reason you cannot make your “assigned” session and need to come during one of the other sessions, just give us a call and we will let the teacher know when you will be coming.

We are very pleased to be able to offer this opportunity to students and their families.  This is a great way to meet the developmental needs of the children in a way that helps them have a great start to the new school year.  We can’t wait to welcome everyone next September!

Mr. Smith greeting students on the First Day of school this year!

Mr. Smith greeting students on the First Day of school this year!