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Q&A from the Elementary Principals

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May 1, 2015

Elementary Schools Q&A from your Administrative Team for 2015-2016!

We are Chris Dintino, Assistant Principal and Marc Smith, Principal – from Forestdale

and Trish Hill, Principal and Deb Landry  Assistant Principal – from Oak Ridge.

(Mr. Dintino and Ms. Landry are leading the Wing school in 2014-2015.)

We’ve been collecting questions that families have about the new schools for next year and will answer three each month. We’ll also connect you to some resources that will provide additional information!  Contact us at to get your questions answered!

Q: When will there be a chance for parents and kids to visit their new schools?


The Forestdale School will be holding an event on June 4th.  The event will include an information session, an opportunity to tour the school and learn about how the classrooms will be laid out next year, and a fabulous family event for kicking off summer learning.  Details are currently being finalized and more information will be coming out in principal’s newsletters and on Sandwich Learns Together.

The Oak Ridge School will be holding Parent Information Nights as well.  One session will be held on June 8th and repeated on June 9th.  Due to so many potential conflicts, such as concerts, sporting events and more – we’ve opted to give parents a choice.  We will recommend that parents of 3rd and 4th graders come on June 8th and parents of 5th and 6th graders come on the 9th simply to allow for better parking and flow in the building; however,  the presentations will be the same so folks can come on whichever day is best.  This presentation is designed for parents and will provide parents the opportunity to tour the building and to ask questions.

We will also offer an opportunity for an informal tour through the building for kids and their parents on June 16th.  We will also have four social events, one for each grade level, the week of August 24th. These gatherings will give the kids a chance to reconnect with their friends once they know their teachers, enjoy a cool treat and take part in a scavenger hunt through the building.

In addition, both Mr. Smith and Ms. Hill are each doing a series of presentations at each school to meet the kids and explain more about what their day will be like and answer their questions.

Q: How will the bus routes work?

ANext year the district will have three separate bus runs.  For those of you that have been in Sandwich for more than this year, the bus timing will be very similar to the way it had been for years before it was changed this year.  The buses will first go out and pick up the students for SHS and the STEM Academy, beginning to unload the students at the school at approximately 7:15 (the academic day will start at 7:30).  Oak Ridge Students (grade 3-6) will be the next group of students to be picked up by the bus, beginning to unload these students at 8:00 (the academic day will start at 8:15).  The last group of students to be picked up by the buses will be the K-2 students attending the Forestdale School.  These students will begin to unload at the Forestdale School at 8:45 for a 9:00 academic start time.

The specific bus routes and pick up times will be published this summer, utilizing a similar approach as in years’ past.  The goal for our team is to get this information to parents as soon as possible.

Q: Next year I will have one child at Oak Ridge, and one at Forestdale (as I’m sure many others will as well). As a working parent I am wondering what extended day will look like at both schools (morning and afternoon). Will there be any busing between schools to alleviate multiple pickups for parents?

A: Yes there will be extended day services provided at both schools.  There will be care options beginning at 7 am and extending until 6 pm.  There will be no bus planned to travel between the Forestdale and Oak Ridge Schools.

We encourage you to check out Sandwich Learns Together, the Sandwich Public School District’s online magazine, for a wide variety of articles and announcement about all our schools. The section labeled “Moving Forward” is focused on the PreK-6 Reorganization. Use the SEARCH feature to find the topics of particular interest to you!

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