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New School Committee Members Sworn in at Forestdale!

Photo by Maureen Jackson, Forestdale Secretary
On Friday, May 8, 2015, Sandwich Town Clerk Taylor White swore in new Sandwich School Committee members, Elizabeth Cummings and James McGrail in Mrs. Slagle’s g​rade 3 classroom.  Ms. Cummings children, Daniel and David Oman and Mr. McGrail’s children, Caitlin and Emily McGrail were in attendance, together with Daniel and Emily’s classmates.
Mrs. Cummings reflected on the experience:
While this was a great moment for Mr. McGrail and me and our children, since they campaigned with us, the bigger story is really what the students in Mrs. Slagle’s class learned.  Prior to Mr. White coming in and swearing us in, we spent about 30 minutes with the kids answering their questions which ranged from “why did you run for School Committee?” to “what kind of rules do small towns need?” with “who made your signs?” in between.
The students were attentive, polite and inquisitive.  On Election Day, Mrs. Slagle had taught the students about Election Day-  looking at sample ballots, taking them to the polls as well as discussing the results the next day.  These kids are so knowledgeable about the entire process!  Our swearing in was a perfect conclusion to their learning.