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Dr. Booras’s Heartfelt Thanks for an Amazing Prom Weekend!

May 26, 2015

Dear students, parents, SHS class advisors, custodians, staff of Heritage Museum, Sandwich Police and Fire Departments,

Please accept my heartfelt appreciation for all you did to make Sandwich High School Junior/Senior After-Prom a spectacular success. From the moment the students entered the lobby of the artfully transformed high school, I wish you could have heard the feedback and the expression of sincere gratitude towards our remarkable team of After Prom Moms! Please know that your extraordinary dedication to this project is recognized and appreciated by all of us at Sandwich High School.  Special thanks goes to Nancy Horwood who took on the monumental challenge of chairing this event.  Working with Nancy over the past several months was a pleasure as each check in revealed her professionalism and superb organizational skills.

Nancy’s hard working team consisted of dozens of parents from grades 7-12. Her leadership group was comprised of Susan Sullivan, Erin Brooks,  Jo-Ann Hatfield, Carolyn Polidor, Karen Gilooly, Laura Scheuer, Sue Lawrence, Karen Serdy,  Tondalaya Brainard, Jan Tickell, Kristine Esdale,  Kerry Gendreau, Susan Conlon, Susan Sholi, Mary Jo French, Ellen Scott,  Lois Wack, Kathy Siranosian,  Alyssa Casino, Tara Drake, Carolyn Wegman,  Donna LaRochelle, and Leanne Haggerty.

The tireless efforts of these dedicated parents and many others who joined the effort made for a spectacular event. Of particular note were the Life Guard jerseys donned by each of the volunteers. This unique touch, not only reinforced, the beauty of the nautical theme, but also served as a loving message to the students who so appreciate your dedication to creating a safe prom night.

Sandwich parents should be very proud and pleased to hear that many vendors took the time to speak to me about the behavior and exemplary character of your sons and daughters. Even late into the night or early into the morning, folks came to me with glowing praise describing SHS students as very polite and appreciative. I can attest to that as student after student stopped to say thank you through sleepy smiles at 5:00 a.m.! I was able to observe the students’ interactions with the parent volunteers as they expressed their sincere gratitude throughout the night!

Thank you goes out to our great custodial crew at SHS who extended themselves to all aspects of the after prom preparation and cleanup. Thank you also to our chaperones and our assistant principals, Anne Wagner and Chip Hill. Special thanks to Dr. and Mrs. Canfield for their continued support and helpful presence at our proms.

Grand march 2The spirit of cooperation that defined the after prom event permeated all aspects of this special night. Beginning in late winter, class officers and junior class advisors, Samantha Austin and Lindsey Arrimour, were invited to meet with the staff at Heritage Museum to plan the grand march. Samantha and Lindsey and their student team were a pleasure to work with and to support. The planning team at Heritage could not have been more hospitable and caring. Its members worked beautifully with our students designing transportation plans, discussing traffic flow, and the timing and order of the march itself. The results were nothing short of magic as hundreds of stunning students filled the beautiful garden pathways and processed before adoring and admiring friends and families. I have never seen a grand march so well

Grand march 4

attended and so well done. Heritage truly opens its doors to our students and treats each and every one like a special guest.

You can watch a video of the Grand March by Sandwich Community Television here:

Next stop was the Four Points Resort in Hyannis where the officers and advisors had ready a sparkling Night in Venice. Students danced the night away enjoying great food and friendships. The staff at Sheraton commented on how polite and gracious the Sandwich students were, noting that they look forward to our prom each year. This affirmation of our students should be a source of great pride to the community of Sandwich.

Preceding the prom were two assemblies during school on Thursday and Friday of prom week. One focused on distracted driving and the second is our annual conversational meeting with upperclassmen. Chief Peter Wack, Officer Christa Cabral, school resource officer, and Kathy Grant, school nurse and I spoke with the students about making good decisions and thinking about the impact of poor decisions on family, friends, and classmates.  This year, parent Jenn Tickell represented the after prom moms and did an outstanding job as did class officer Thatcher Drake who reviewed timelines and protocols. Each assembly reinforced our school culture defined by Blue Knight Pride and served as an opportunity for community leaders and school staff and parents to let the students know how much we all care.

Grand march 3

This past weekend was a stunning example of community involvement at its finest. The confluence of cooperation, communication and genuine caring that goes into your work was evident in every aspect of the event a part of the celebration. It is with pride and gratitude that I reflect on prom weekend. My respect for your sons and daughters continues to grow.  Observing the gracious dignity with which they conducted themselves –  from pre prom assemblies to the grand finale at after prom – is a testament to all of you. Not only did they all look beautiful and handsome, they acted in a way that should make you all very proud.

Our shared message of caring, concern and respect has really taken hold after so many years of your hard work. As always, please do not hesitate to call if I can help in any way. Thank you to one and all for making Prom 2015 a magical event and one which will ensure lingering memories of a community’s love for its children.


Ellin Booras, Principal