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STEM Academy Research Assistants Do Field Work with Scientists from MCSS

by Amy Ferriera, Science Teacher – STEM Academy
Students at the STEM academy have developed an ongoing relationship with scientists at the Manomet Center for Conservation Science(MCSS).   During early May, seventh and eighth grade students worked on site, at the STEM academy,  to lay out transects and begin collecting data for a long term study of the impact climate change is having on both plant and animal species in our area.

The learning was expanded upon by a visit to the MCCS where students aided scientists as they captured migrating birds,  observed the banding process and learned about how the bands help scientists to track and detail migration patterns.

All of the STEM science teachers have been involved with this long term study. Mrs. Ferreira overheard her students making the following comments at their most recent field trip:

”  …. I thought the area around the research buildings was beautiful and also I loved the little trails they created throughout the entire conservation land.”

“….They really showed us what their job was like and what they did everyday”

“…It was very cool that we actually got to see one of the birds in the net!” 

“…. It was crazy how there were birds here that came all the way from Canada, Asia, and Africa!” 

This relationship with the Bird sanctuary will continue on next year and help our STEM students to fully understand the affects of global warming as well as some potential careers as future researchers.

field trip #4

field trip #6 Sarah with bird

field trip #3

field trip #1

field trip #2