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One Mission

 by Kristen Young & Brent Pearsall, Physical Education Teachers – Sandwich High School

As many of you are wondering who the tall, dark…and bald man is, it is your very own beloved P.E. teacher, Mr. Pearsall!  On June 7th, Brent Pearsall not only shaved his head, but brought a vast awareness to the One Mission Buzz Off for kids with cancer.

So what are students “buzzing” about regarding Mr. Pearsall’s shaved head?

“It’s great – it’s really heart warming.” – Alli Tuden, 9th grade

“People know Mr. Pearsall really well, so it may inspire others.” – Amelia Guarino, 9th grade

“It can cause a chain reaction – BKP!” – Molly McFarland, 9th gade

“It can bring the community together for a great cause.” – Megan Caroran, 9th grade

“He didn’t change just their lives, but ours as well as a role model.” – Will Crowther, 11th grade

“He puts other people before himself.  He’s not only a PE teacher, but a life teacher.” – Jordan Leary, 11th grade

“He doesn’t just share the sugar; he shares the hair.” – Jameson Buttafuoco, 11th grade

For more information on this amazing effort to fight childhood cancer, One Mission, click on the site below.  You can also join Mr. Pearsall for next year’s challenge to “Buzz Off Cancer” and make a difference in a child’s life.


Thank you Mr. Pearsall for your compassion and genuine efforts as a teacher and an amazing human being; an outstanding representation of what true Blue Knight Pride is all about