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UPDATE of Class Placement Plans, in response to feedback…

a note from  Trish Hill, principal – Oak Ridge and Marc J. Smith, principal – Forestdale School
We wanted to update families on a small change to our process for announcing each student’s teacher for next year. The adjustment in how families will be notified is in response to feedback from our previous announcement describing the 2015-2016 Class Placement process. 
On Friday, August 14th, each school will mail home a letter to each child with their teacher assignment for next year.  Each school will also use this opportunity to mail home some important information relevant to that school, including the drop off/pick up procedures.  Please be on the look- out for the letter in the mail.  If you do not receive the letter by Tuesday, August 18th, please contact your child’s school so that we can confirm your address and get you the information.
We are very excited to see everyone and hope each of you is having a wonderful beginning to your August.
Marc J. Smith and Trish Hill