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Teachers from Forestdale and Oak Ridge worked with Paula Chambers (second from left) to create curriculum maps to match the new Science Standards
by Paula Chambers, Science Curriculum Coordinator, Gr PK-6
STEM isn’t just for 7th and 8th graders! Did you know that Sandwich is also revamping it’s science and engineering curriculum Pre-K to 6? The Sandwich Public Schools is working to provide world class STEM education that begins in the elementary years.   The planning is in sync with the -soon to be released -revised Massachusetts state science standards.  The new state standards will require  more critical thinking and application of scientific practices, and less of a focus on rote memorization. We are designing science programming, in the Forestdale and Oakridge schools , that will inspire students to become engineers, thinkers and leaders equipped with the skills they need to take on the problems of the future.
To this end, teachers have been busily working away at this goal through numerous professional development opportunities. Most recently teachers attended a 3 day workshop at Cape Cod Community College in early August. This program, planned and sponsored by the Cape Cod STEM network,  was an enriching opportunity for teachers from across the Cape to collaborate with peers as they plan for the implementation of the new state science standards.  Participants brainstormed; created and shared lessons; researched ideas and created a library of resources . The Sandwich Public Schools  proudly had the highest number of teacher attendees and left with stellar curriculum plans to share with their grade level peers this year.
This workshop was just one, of many, science professional development opportunities attended by dedicated staff members in 2015. A heartfelt thank you to all teachers who attended workshops over the summer to make learning in their classrooms more meaningful to the children of Sandwich.