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Parent Pick-Up and Drop-Off at Oak Ridge

As announced in the letter sent home to families in mid-August, here are the Parent Pick Up Details.

Oak Ridge Parent Pick –Up

  • Parents will be able to enter the Oak Ridge Driveway starting at 3pm.
  • Parents will be able drive into the large bus loop in the front of the school after 3pm.
  • Parents are asked to display their pick-up tag in their front window.
    • Tags can be picked up in the main office.
  • Students need to know the number on their family’s parking tag to match child to driver.
  • Drivers without a pick-up tag will show a driver’s license to match child to driver.
  • This new procedure is designed to be more time efficient than the previous park and sign-out procedure.
  • There will be Sandwich Police Officers and SPS Security Staff to help manage the traffic during the first week of school.



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The Thinking Behind The New Procedures

Because of the physical layout of the school parking lot and entry way, the Parent Pick Up Procedures will change considerably.  With 20 buses picking up at Oak Ridge, as well as the higher demand for parking, parent pick up will not begin until 3pm.  NO CARS will be allowed to enter the driveway from 2:30 until 3pm.  Please plan accordingly.

Our main bus loop will be set for large yellow school buses and our smaller bus loop will be for Van Transport for students with specific needs.  The road entering the property will be used to stage school buses, effectively reducing the road to an exit only during that 30 minute period. Our security staff will be diverting traffic away from the entry during this time frame.  Visitor parking will be limited to visitors only and is not meant for people to wait for dismissal.

Parents who will be doing pick up regularly will be issued a car tag to display in their windshield.  Beginning at 3pm, they will drive up to the large bus loop and students will be sent out to cars.  Parents will not need to sign students out.  They will however, need to have their tag prominently displayed.  If you are picking up using another car, please transfer the tag to the car you are using.  If you are having your child picked up by someone else, the office must be notified in the morning and they should be prepared to show their license.  If you forget your tag, please be prepared to show your license.

Parents who pick up occasionally need to send a note in with their child.  Please be sure to include the name of the individual who will be picking up.  The driver should be prepared to show their license.

This will be an active area, students will be directed to enter their car on the curbside.  Please use extreme caution in the bus loop.